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"The theme of this inspiring movie is about saving Patronies Pizza while realizing the true importance of human connection. All of the characters personify their favorite philosophers. Think, “Midnight in Paris,” but with trailer park kids who want to be like the philosophers they admire. 8 Slices is the new generation’s Napoleon Dynamite. 

Previously, the production company successfully created a feature film for National Adoption Day called, “Finding Home.” Based on the successful response received by that film, Dock Street Productions is hoping to get an even better response from the backers for this film on Kickstarter.

“As indie filmmakers, we put people before equipment and story before special effects in our mission to produce films for social change,” said Amber Patee Adams, the Executive Producer of the film. “We are adamant about showing people on set that we value their time by compensating all cast and crew as deserving professionals.” 

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